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Our Cacao Nibs come from Esmeraldas in Ecuador.  Esmeraldas is located right in the middle of the equatorial line, in one of the most biodiverse countries on earth: Ecuador. The land is very fertile, allowing farmers  to grow numerous kinds of plants, which in turn give back to the soil and influence the flavour of our cacao with an environmentally sustainable approach . Grown within shaded and wild plantations, our cacao absorbs unique profiles, making the bean so much more complex.

For generations,  the small farmers of Esmeraldas, have been in love with cacao. The social enterprise formed is composed of over 800 small farmers all over Esmeraldas, covering over 1000 hectares of land of cacao. 

By avoiding pesticides and other chemicals, they help preserve the health of our land, their families and of you, the consumer.

Our Cacao nibs are a quality aromatic genetically " pure" bean grown on small farms or farms or farmers usually grouped in cooperatives who choose to plant less productive but more valuable varieties of cacao. It represents 1% of world production and therefore the price farmers receive is higher. 

Chocolate with a fine aroma and notes of roses and fruit trees.


NET WT: 8 oz. Product of Ecuador