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Nut Milk Bag, Jumbo (Fine Mesh) 5 gallon


We have all three of our nut milk bags pictured here. The regular size is just included so that you can see the comparison. The large size pictured in the middle is approximately 4 times the size of our regular one (the small one pictured) and the jumbo commercial size is about 8 times the size or more (the largest one pictured). The bottoms of these open up and square off with the sides. The large one can easily fit in a 2 gallon container and the jumbo can fit into a 5 gallon bucket. These bags do not have draw strings. Secure top by holding them closed with your hands.

Dimensions: 18 3/4" x 19"

Chef Bliss Tip: Add a little kelp or dulse to your nut milk, get the minerals going, also 1 T agave nectar per quart rounds out the flavor of nuts blended with water, and a pinch of sea salt helps too.

You can also use this as a sprouting bag but our hemp sprouting bag is a much better choice for that.