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Coconut Oil (Virgin) 1 Gallon

Coconut Oil (Premium, Raw, Virgin) Gallon, Philippines

Raw Premium Virgin Coconut Oil - This is 100% pure, raw, organic coconut oil (or coconut butter). This virgin coconut oil is a virgin, cold pressed extraction. Our virgin coconut oil has a smooth, delicious taste.

Compare to other brands we have you will agree this is one of the best Raw, Coconut Oil available. This is virgin, "biologically pure" coconut oil extracted from fresh coconut milk. No heating is performed at any stage of the processing. This is true virgin oil and is one of the purest premium natural oils of any kind.

The full character of the coconut is retained: fresh coconut flavor, sweet coconut aroma.

Coconut Oil is a great raw food.

Use this aromatic raw coconut oil (coconut butter) in place of other oils or as a spread, in raw foods, smoothies, raw foods or dehydrated food recipes, with infant and baby food and frozen desserts. This oil is excellent for sauteing. It can be used as a moisturizer, applied topically to the skin, as a natural body oil, lip balm, or your hair.

Light does not affect this oil like highly processed oils. Keep out of sunlight to maintain quality.


NET WT: 1 Gallon

This is the best coconut oil for the best price.