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Vanilla Beans 10 pk


Premium sun-cured vanilla beans. Here is one of nature's more ephemeral creations. From the celadon blooms of the vanilla orchid come the pods that yield one of the world's great flavors. Producing raw organic vanilla requires considerable care and fortuitous circumstances. The orchid has beautiful flowers that only bloom for a single day. When they are pollinated, often by hand, the vanilla bean will form. Nine months after pollination the ripe green vanilla bean is picked. Curing is a continuous process of sun-drying the pods during the day, then placing them in wooden boxes. This process takes 6 months as the pod becomes dark and pliable.

At this point the bean acquires the unmistakable flavor and aroma for which they are prized. Like wine and chocolate, raw organic vanilla beans are affected by the soil and climate of the region in which they grow.

These premium vanilla beans demonstrates a complex aroma, and a dark, robust flavor. Vanilla beans are ideal for making your own dessert and smoothie delights. You can also make vanilla extract and other culinary flavorings, or use in potpourri or perfumes.

Grown wildly and hand-cultivated. For centuries, native people have cultivated this remarkable gift from nature. Nothing compares to using whole, raw, premium vanilla beans when you want vanilla flavor.

From the exquisite blooms of the vanilla orchid come the pods that yield this great flavor. These beans are handpicked and cured in the tropical sun.


1 Bean (Also available in any quantity desired)

Suggested use: Split the bean open lengthwise, scrape out the tiny black pearl-like seeds and add them to your cuisine (this is the method of choice for us at Natural Zing). Some people who have a Vita Mix or other powerful blender, snip (with kitchen scissors) small pieces of the whole bean right into their blended creations. The vanilla flavor really blossoms when the blended creations stand for 5 or so minutes or even a few hours for some recipes.

Recipe, Vanilla Agave: take the left over pod of one bean after scraping the inside out and place in a 16 oz bottle of agave. Let sit overnight or for a few days. Great in teas and super smoothies.

10 Beans(Also available in any quantity desired)