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The 5-Day Healthy Mind and Body Detox Challenge

The 5-Day Healthy Mind and Body Detox Challenge

Reset your health journey in just 5 days. Eat cleaner, healthier and make smarter choices.

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Imagine waking up everyday full of energy, ready to face the day, clear headed with vitality. However, most days many find life can be full of distractions.

Being distracted and not prioritizing your health & wellness could be costly.

  • Your performance at work or in your business may suffer

  • You have brain fog or low energy

  • Your stress and anxiety only seems to increase

  • You are not showing up 100% for your relationships

      • Family
      • Spouse
      • Kids
  • You feel sleepy or sick often after meals

  • Illness is knocking at the door. You want to avoid doctor visits, hospital stays and medications

  • You eat food containing toxins and don’t know it

Who should do the 5 Day Challenge?

  • You want to feel energized

  • You need a clear path to a healthier you

  • You want strong immunity

  • You may need to lose a few pounds

  • You sometimes feel bloated or gassy

  • You have aches and pains, or experience inflammation

Prioritizing YOUR Health and Wellness made easy,

Join the Challenge here

Learn to get your body clean, healthy and enjoy life more.

  • Gain more clarity, vigor and focus

  • Gain more energy

  • Be more productive

  • Manage daily stresses more effectively

  • Use food as your medicine 

  • Reclaim your natural zing

  • Increase your immunity

To Rejuvenate Join Challenge here

The 5 Day Healthy Mind and Body Detox Challenge

We are offering The 5 Day Healthy Mind & Body Detox Challenge, five days to learn tips you can easily add to your life, featuring Health and Nutrition experts. 

Get back on track, rejuvenate and start eating healthier, losing weight, removing toxins from your body, eliminating sugar-carb addictive behavior and feel energized.

You will learn: 

  • How to easily detox as part of your lifestyle

  • What Clean Food is and Why it is important

  • How to start or restart eating healthier

  • What to eat more of and things to avoid

  • Amazing recipes that are easy to add into your life

This Challenge includes:

  • Daily live call with education. For example, Learn why a green drink daily is a great choice. 

  • Simple food prep demonstrations (where applicable)

  • Question and answer session. Have your questions answered.

  • Presentation slides. This will include all recipes and slides used in any presentations.

  • A supportive Facebook community (My Clean Food Tribe). Meet others and share your Clean Food experiences.

  • Earn a chance to win a Gift Certificate worth $150

  • 10% off Promotion Coupon 

Where, When, How?

The Venue :
Join us Live from anywhere in the world on the internet through your phone, laptop or iPad. 
Live on the Clean Food Tribe Facebook Group, also Live on Zoom. After signing up you will get a Zoom link via email. 

The Date:
June 7th through the 11th.

The Time:
Each day at 12 Noon EST, 9AM PST

Join The Challenge Now

Your Guide(s) for this challenge:

Jeffrey Rose, Founder of Natural Zing, a Clean Food organic specialty foods distributor, offering over 300 products to support the natural health lifestyle, from plant-based foods to smoothie ingredients.   After becoming a health enthusiast years earlier, Jeffrey founded Natural Zing over 15 years ago.

Jeffrey enjoys researching diets including keto, plant-based, vegan, whole foods and others.  His long journey researching nutrition took him through experimentation with various diets, herbs, and superfoods, such as The Zone Diet, Sugar Busters, vegetarian, vegan and raw, plant-based and others.  He also studied the effects of diet on addiction, substance abuse and food addiction. Having researched and consulted with numerous nutritionists and vegetarian specialists, Jeffrey recognized a plant-based lifestyle can help people live healthy.  Inspired to help others to journey towards extraordinary health, Jeffrey started Natural Zing, to make natural energy foods more easily available.  Today, Natural Zing serves natural food stores, restaurants, health practitioners and consumers.  Jeffrey continues to evolve and share his knowledge with individuals and businesses to help them find their best path to health. 

Our Client Testimonials

  • “I have been a long-time Natural Zing customer. Their products are great and service is awesome. Their customer service staff is very helpful and friendly. I signed up for the Newsletter & I found out about incredible specials every month.” - Robin A.

  • “ I just received my first box from Natural Zing & the products are amazing!!! So high quality and fresh. Thank you for the free olives too. Thank you for the fast shipping. I am one happy customer!” - Kristina V.

  • “Thank you for selling such pure products so we can be super healthy. I love the quality.” - Kathy A.



Our Story and Mission

Natural Zing is committed to serving health conscious consumers and the health and wellness community by providing high quality food and supporting the needs of these communities with responsive customer service, quick delivery, various sizes, and services to enable them to focus on meeting their health and wellness objectives.   Natural Zing was founded in 2003 and is an online store selling over 300 high quality superfoods and plant based foods. We also sell our branded product in health and wellness businesses: retailers, cafes, chef's and health coaches.   As you awaken to the need and desire for a healthier lifestyle, Natural Zing is here to support you on your health journey and will be there as you seek higher levels of health and wellness.  Natural Zing aims to nourish our customers by making nutrient-dense foods more accessible.  We research and source clean, high quality foods and offer the high quality plant based, whole and organic food products. Natural Zing aims to empower your being by offering these plant based, organic whole food products that energize and aid in building strong healthy bodies.  Our specialty is single ingredient, organic, plant based food that you can use in your creations, like smoothies, salads or nut milks.  Become empowered to live your best life.

Top Benefits of Natural Zing

  • We have live customer support for ordering and product questions by a peer.
  • We have well researched, high quality, clean, trusted food and supplement products. 
  • We have recipes and education to make eating healthy easy and delicious.

  • Thank You for considering us as your Natural Health Product Supplier. Awaken, Nourish and Empower your life!

    -Jeffrey Rose, Founder

    Steps to join right now:

    1. Join the Clean Food Tribe on Facebook 

    Clean Food Tribe | Facebook

    2. Sign up below to join The Challenge

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    Detox Challenge