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Pure Radiance C


Pure Radiance C

Now Pure Radiance C in pure powder, get twice as much for less in price as compared to the same product in the capsule form. A truly natural, whole-food vitamin C supplement. Pure Radiance C combines their exclusive wildcrafted camu camu and amla berry concentrates with their proprietary blend of organic berries & other fruits and buckwheat berry sprouts. These valuable foods deliver all the antioxidant properties & enhancing support benefits of Vitamin C in its safest, most effective form of whole, natural food.* One quarter teaspoon of Pure Radiance C provides 200% of the FDAs RDI for vitamin C. Pure Radiance C contains no added ascorbic acid, & is a kosher product. Whole raw food powder. The camu camu in Pure Radiance C comes from the pulp of the berry.

Net Wt.: 120g powder & 90 Capsules

Origin: USA