About Natural Zing

about naturalzing


Our legacy website is currently available at www.naturalzing.net/catalog or you can email us for a link. 

Natural Zing was founded in 2003 and is an online store selling over 700 high quality superfoods and plant based foods 

Natural Zing has over 300 high quality plant based foods and 30 super foods under the Natural Zing Brand, sold in 200+ health and wellness businesses: retailers, cafes, food manufactures, chef's, and health coaches.  

Helen Rose and Jeff Rose Natural Zing


Natural Zing is a family owned business that is owned and managed by the same founder that started the business in 2003 after changing to a plant based diet a couple years earlier. He manages the operation with the same passion in which it was started those many years ago.


Natural Zing participated in the Green America certified green business program.  Our offices and warehouse are located in green buildings using solar and other green technologies. Read more about our many other green initiatives and our green practices below.

Natural Zing has worked in partnership with indigenous communities and some rural small farmers to develop better products that are "good for you and the Earth"TM. During that time we have supported the training of small farmers in organic agriculture pilot projects, which encourages small farmers to change from conventional to organic growing practices. These small farmers earn even higher standards than just organic and sustainable methods that not only sustain their families with a better than “fair trade” wage, but support the natural environment. We continue to seek organic farmers with high quality products, both US small farmers as well as small farmers in different parts of the world.

We hope that you enjoy the products you purchase and the information you find. And most importantly we hope your life is filled with Natural Zing.