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Based on 175 reviews
Medjool Dates 16 oz
Rashad Roberts (Nassau, BS)
Really Fresh and amazing quality

Love these dates! Amazing quality and always fresh.

Raw Sprouted Almond Butter 8 oz
Linda Gorecki (Hyattsville, US)


The Product is excellent.

Amazing and my new go to

If you are looking for a way to connect mind, body, energy and spirit, this is the cacao that integrates all those dimensions in a sweet way. The owner is deeply knowledgeable about cacao along with all his products however my addiction to chocolate and ceremonial cacao landed me with Natural Zing.
I was using another beautiful source for over 8 years but I’m sold on this product. I drink as a morning energizer and heart connector prior to my embodiment practices (weights, dance, hiking, yoga, mediation etc or daily tasks accounting, cleaning, etc etc.)
The company is outstanding with shipping. There are no delay times and cacao is super difficult to source let alone ship with two weeks.
Thank you Natural Zing. I highly recommend this product if you are looking to increase your energy while losing the coffee jitters and maintain ideal vitality on your daily path

Khadrawi Dates 16 oz
Mark Maglioli (Wilkes-Barre, US)

My favorite dates they taste like caramel! Love them.

Bali Cashews 16 oz
molly (Durango, US)
Best Quality raw Cashews

Cashews are a staple for our household, for the many nutritional uses they bring in raw desserts and raw nut dips. Natural Zing consistently provides the best flavor and nutrient content available.

Raw Alchemy Brownie 2 oz, 【Case of 12】
Codruta Tolan (Pahrump, US)
Symphony of taste!

Of course these bars are delicious! Although some health advocates suggest that combinations of fruits, nuts and seeds are too hard for digestion, I find these bars healthier than others on the market, and decided to go for them.

Juicy Meaty Old World - THE BEST

These are the best olives. They are juicy and meaty and earthy. They put regular canned or store-bought olives to shame. Plus they are less expensive than the similar Sunfood Olives and taste much better. Fantastic.

Mushroom Powder, Lion's Mane 4 oz
Kaylee Tejeda (Dallas, US)
Brain Food in Bulk

My wife has been using Lions Mane extracts to become less dependent on psych meds, but many come in small doses or mixed in with other products. She really likes this pure Lion's Mane powder because she can get more of what she is after and less of the fillers. We will certainly be back for more, thanks so much!

Zura Blue Spirulina Tablets, 8 oz, 500 mg
Kaylee Tejeda (Dallas, US)
Same great spirulina, less messy form

My ageing mom is a huge fan of spirulina, but as she gets older she has been having a hard time with powders in general. She started taking these along with her "vitamins" and it has helped her to bring back this wonderful superfood to her diet in a new and fun way. Others in the family like it as well, but for her this item has been a game changer. We'll be back for more, thanks!

Best Goji on Market!

I've never been a fan of Goji berries until I tried Natural Zing' product. I love it. It is fresh, tasty, exceptional quality. Highly recommend both the product and the company!

Camu Camu Powder 8 oz
Nancy Boyer (Fountain Valley, US)
Great product

I've been using it for YEARS, but I would rather have the larger package.

Raw Manuka Honey Hi-Active
Phillip McCauley (Los Angeles, US)

Raw Manuka Honey Hi-Active

Excellent product!

Very fresh and tasty. It is not that easy to find fresh and not over dried nuts, so we are very pleased with Natural Zing Premium Almonds. Will be buying again. Highly recommend!

Mango 8oz 2 pack
Lana E. (Sylmar, US)
Very tasty and fresh!

One of the best dried mango on market! Tasty, naturally sweet, fresh, not too dry. Bought twice and will be buying again for sure. Excellent service as well. Highly recommend.

Peruvian Black Dried Olives.

Years ago had gotten these from another company. I believe they are no longer in business. Was thrilled to find them at Natural Zing.Once you taste these there is no way that anything else compares. I like that there is nothing added other than salt. I am very selective as to what I eat and don’t eat. Ordered a bag of the herbed ones also this time. Haven’t opened the bag yet. I am imagining they will be addictive. This is my second order with the company. Very happy with order to delivery time table.

Peruvian Olives (Sun-dried, No added salt)
Theresa Mitchell (Arlington, US)
Gourmet treat

As an olive fan, that enjoys other strong naturally bitter flavors like cabbage and broccoli Rabi I found these delicious. I like the chewier consistency too. My mouth waters at the sight of the ones I put in the freezer to save for later.

Bali Cashews 16 oz
annette kohn-lau (Northbrook, US)
always fresh

The nuts are always so fresh tasting!

Exceptional quality and service!

we love the taste and freshness, packaging is excellent, fast shipping. will buy again.

Organic Food Bar, Classic Protein
F.A.D. (Laguna Niguel, US)
Big Raw Organic

Amazing bar. Love it!

Organic Food Bar, Classic Protein
F Aaron Dodson (Laguna Niguel, US)
Big Raw Organic!

This bar with 20g of raw organic protein can get me to dinner and it tastes great just like real organic food does.


Organic Food Bar, Active Greens
C.C. (Laguna Niguel, US)

There’s a lot of good stuff in this one. How refreshing to NOT find unwanted ingredients in most popular bars. There’s enough green and red superfoods and protein to have this as a breakfast. Then the 20g Protein bar can get me to dinner. Great find, Love them!

Raw Cacao Nibs 2.5 lb - Criollo
Sandy (Horseheads, US)
Love them

As always it's an exceptional product! I use in coffee, homemade protein bars, and snacks.

Elderberries (Premium) 16 oz
Taja Roberts (Washington, US)

Listen I've been buying Natural Zing Elderberries for 3 years. No other brand of elderberry provides ultimate health from the berries. I've tried brands they don't hit the same as Natural Zing!

Authentic Tibetan Goji Berries 16 oz
Belkys Hernandez (Brooklyn, US)
Excelent quality!

The best Goji berries!