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Our Story

Our Story


I Could Not Go Back

Back in 2001 when the tech bubble burst and the economy fell apart after 911, my wife and I were both laid off from our corporate jobs and I knew I could not go back to the corporate world programming 50-60 hrs per week.  I felt I was meant to make a greater impact. 


The Journey

I invested 100% into my health transformation. I had already spent years researching wellness and buying high quality plant-based foods and was frustrated that these Clean Foods were so difficult to obtain.  Through this journey I started eating plant based and transformed my health and my life.   I FELT AMAZING! 


Everyone should have the opportunity to FEEL AMAZING and I had to share these foods with everyone. 


Making a healthy lifestyle easier for everyone

In 2003, I started Natural Zing, committing to making superfoods accessible to everyone.  I continued my research and expanded my team to other passionate health seekers who were committed as I am to sourcing high quality foods and placing customers first. We connected with small farmers and indigenous communities.  We created a network of suppliers who where like minded and passionate about high quality food, sustainable agriculture, ethical sourcing, and high-quality service.  In 2010, we hit some bumps in the road as big players entered the market, buying up our competition and degrading their products to reduce costs and slashing prices.  We remained true to pure whole foods, organic and wild-crafted high quality foods.  We’ve expanded to selling to retail stores, vegetarian cafes and wellness practitioners to make our foods more easily accessible to health-conscious consumers.  


Staying Committed to High Quality Food and Sustainability

Today our planet has reached more challenging times – a health crisis and economic hardship.  We stay committed to high quality foods and try to awaken as many people as possible to the power of superfoods to protect and heal.  We are trying to support our incredible business customers who have been hit hard by closures and the falling economy.  Natural Zing has launched a new direct to consumer website and is committed to reach health conscious individuals, serving them with nourishing superfoods.  We also launched a B2B portal. We are committed to working and serving the health and wellness small businesses to help them comeback or reinvent themselves so they can serve their wonderful customers.