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Natural Zing has been a member of GreenAmerica since 2004. 


Natural Zing’s Solar Powered Warehouse

Since 2011 Natural Zing has operated out of our own solar powered warehouse.  This major undertaking enables all of the power required by Natural Zing’s main warehouse to be powered by the sun. 


This innovative on-grid/off-grid system not only supplies power to the warehouse, but also provides power to our operational offices. This system will provide all the electricity for our warehouse, it feeds excess power back to the grid as well as charges a battery backup system that powers essential services during power outages (when the grid is down).
“Keep in mind that not only is our warehouse solar powered, but all our offices and other locations are wind powered through the power choice program, thus all of Natural Zing’s electricity is being supplied by sun and wind,” stated Jeffrey Rose, President of Natural Zing. He added “It is important for our customers to know that we are not mismanaging their support. With everything we do, lightening our footprint on the earth is always second nature to us. We are constantly asking how we can live and do business more sustainably.”


“For Natural Zing being green isn’t trendy, it is who we are and always have been”, stated Helen Rose, Vice President of Marketing. “Since our start in 2003, being green is part of our identity. We’ve always practiced reduce, reuse and recycle.” 

Passive Solar Designed Warehouse

Natural Zing’s warehouse is a green building which has a passive solar design that reduces heating and cooling costs. In addition, it has radiant heat flooring and is painted with low VOC paint.

Sustainable Packaging

We use recycled and reused boxes and packing material whenever possible.  For over 15 years we have used biodegradable corn starch packing peanuts and recycled 100% post-consumer, non-chlorine bleach paper for all paper uses in packaging and office use

Since 2013, we have recycled ink cartridges, electronic devices, paper, glass and plastic.

Sustainable Products

The over 90% of the products we sell are raw vegan food which uses minimal energy to make (except from the sun). No animals have to be fed or killed to produce this food. This means LOTS of WATER and RESOURCE SAVINGS!

We sell wild crafted products from the Amazon rainforest to provide Amazon natives with an income that is derived from maintaining the rainforest not cutting it down.


Empowering People

Our vision has been to empower people to feel amazing through healthy products and practices. 

Natural Zing aims to empower our consumers by offering premium superfoods, plant based, organic whole food products that energize and aid in building strong healthy bodies.  Our specialty is single ingredient, organic, plant-based food that our customers can use in your creations, like smoothies or nut milks.  Empowering our customers to live their best life.

Many of our popular products come from small farmers that we work with individually and buy direct from those farms.  Whenever possible we source from US farmers, unless the products are uniquely grown in other parts of the world.

Empowering native communities:  The best Ecuadorian "Heirloom" Raw Chocolate

Natural Zing annually contributes and runs fund raisers in support of Feeding America and Wounded Warrior.  We also donate to our local food banks and Veterans groups.