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Silver 500 - 4oz Bottle


Silver 500 

  • Powerful antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral agent.
  • Directly enters the bloodstream sublingually (under the tongue)
  • Much smaller than colloidal silver and is more effectively absorbed by the body.
  • Eliminates viruses, hostile bacteria, and hostile fungi in the stomach, blood, and skin.
  • Fights infectious diseases.
  • Bacteria and viruses can’t adapt to silver the way that they can adapt to antibiotics. They’re no more capable of resisting silver any more than the strongest humans can resist bullets.
  • Great for calming sore throats and coughs.

Silver is the most common metal used in all of industry. It is the best conductor of electricity, it’s used in water purification throughout the world, reducing the need for harmful chemicals such as chlorine.

Angstrom Silver has been atomized to the point where it can enter your bloodstream through a duct under your tongue and immediately begin combatting pathogens.

Our Angstrom Silver comes in 16oz of purified water. And only requires around 1 cap full, held under the tongue for at least 60 seconds, to be effective.

Suggested Use:

The silver comes in a bottle of purified water. Pour the water into the bottle cap. Take 1 cap and hold it under the tongue for at least 1 minute. The longer it's held there, the more effective it’ll be. Swallow it afterward. Take 2-3 caps if you have severe flu, malaria, tick bite, or other infectious diseases. Wait for at least 2 hours, and then take some probiotics to replenish your healthy gut bugs afterward.

Store away from heat and moisture.

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