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Wild Harvested Alaskan Cod Liver Oil



Looking for an easy and healthy way to boost your intake of omega-3, vitamin D, and vitamin A? Easy with On Target Living Wild Harvested Alaskan Cod Liver Oil.

 MADE IN THE USA- It starts with wild, line caught cod from the Bering Sea, Alaska. These fish are 100% sustainable, certified by the Alaskan Marine Stewardship Council. Within 20 minutes the cod are flash frozen at -35C and transported back to Dutch Harbor, Alaska. This special process stops the fish from oxidizing & spoiling.

NATURALLY OCCURRING VITAMIN, A & D- Because of the flash freezing & special processing, our Cod Liver Oil delivers the highest natural levels of Vitamin A & D. Other fish oils blend different oils and synthetic vitamins together to create a product that looks good but isn't natural. (1 TBSP= 540 IU Vitamin D

RICH IN ANTI-INFLAMMATORY OMEGA 3'S- DHA for Brain & Eye Health, Memory & Mood. EPA for Healthy Cardiac and Circulatory Systems. DPA to help the body respond to inflammation and influence cellular repair. Most fish oil have some level of EPA & DHA, but almost none have DPA for a simple reason: it's easily destroyed from oxidation after the fish is caught. DPA matters because it's a 'Pro-Resolving Mediator (PRMs).' These PRMs help your body determine how it responds to inflammation and enhances the anti-inflammatory.

REAL ORGANIC LEMON TASTE- Skip the Natural & Artificial Flavors. You'll love our CLO because it only has 2 ingredients: Cod Liver Oil and Organic Lemon. It tastes clean, smooth, and goes down easy. No strange odor, aftertaste, or fish burps.

QUALITY TESTED- The oil is extracted and tested for over 450 environmental toxins. Our Cod Liver Oil is free from microbes, heavy metals, dioxins, and PCBs. MSC Certified, Non- GMO project Certified, Sustainable Fishing Practices, Environmentally Friendly Production in Triglyceride form.

DPA 'Pro-Resolving Mediator (PRMs)- to help the body determine how it responds to inflammation and enhances the anti-inflammatory power of the omega 3's. It also influences cellular repair and helps build the immune system.

How to take Cod liver Oil : 

  • The easy pour lid makes taking cod liver simple. Pour 1-2 tablespoons daily with food to maximize absorption into the body.
  • For best results, take daily. One bottle supplies you with ~33 days of supply
  • Refrigerate after opening
  • The only other ingredient in our cod liver oil is organic lemon oil. The organic lemon oil is cold pressed from fresh lemons and does an amazing job eliminating any fish taste or smell

Ingredients:  Alaska Cod Liver Oil, Organic Lemon 

Net Wt.: 3.33 oz & 16.67 oz

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