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Maqui Berry Powder 4 oz


The Maqui berry is a black brilliant berry of about 4-6mm of diameter. It is edible and used widely by the locals (the Mapuche indians). This berry is found in Patagonia in South America and has become known as the ''Patagonia Super Fruit,'' because of its rich color and taste. This bears similar properties to Acai or Mangosteen. The flavor is very nice and goes great in smoothies, much preferred over Acai or hydro-extracted Mangosteen.

History: The nineteenth century French naturalist and botanist Claudio Gay was one of the first occidentals who described the uses of this little and marvelous fruit.

It is considered one of the three sacred plants of the Mapuche people, together with the winter’s bark or canelo (Drimys winteri), and the chilean laurel (Laurelia sempervirens).The maqui schrub means benevolence and peaceful intention, and it is therefore used to ornament the rehue, the ceremonial altar, during the Mapuche festivities.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Maqui Berry

NET WT: 4 oz