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California Raw Stone-Crushed Olive Oil, 16.9 oz, 500 ml

Bariani Raw Stone-Crushed Organic Free-Grown Extra Virgin Olive Oil - This California olive oil is stone-crushed, cold pressed, unfiltered and decanted. It comes from California's heartland using luscious Manzanillo and Mission olives. The Bariani family uses the art and knowledge of old world Italy to craft this superior olive oil. It is estate grown, produced and bottled. The harvest date and bottling date is printed on the front of each bottle.

The opalescent appearance of this oil is a precious trait due to minute, harmless olive particles that will settle over time. Enjoy this olive oil in your favorite salad dressing, your favorite dishes, pour over vegetables or add to smoothies. This raw stone-crushed oil is truly a fruit juice. This stone-crushed olive oil is completely pure and exceeds the highest standards in the industry.

Supreme Bariani Olive oil in dark glass bottles 500ml (16.9 oz)

INGREDIENTS: Pure organic unsprayed, pesticide free Stone-Crushed Olive Oil

NET WT: 16.9 oz (500ml)