Management Team

Jeffrey Rose, Founder and CEO

Having researched and consulted with numerous nutritionists and vegetarian

Jeff Rose

specialists for the past three decades, Jeffrey gravitated to a raw foods lifestyle.  Inspired to help others to journey towards extraordinary health, Jeffrey started Natural Zing, to make natural energy foods more easily available to the public.  Today, Natural Zing serves natural food stores, restaurants, food manufactures and consumers. 

Jeffrey freely shares his business knowledge with raw vegan focused businesses to help them develop new product, improve business structure, to create overall business success.



Helen Rose, VP of Marketing

Helen Rose

Helen assisted Jeff with the early stages of the business especially with marketing and business planning.  In 2005 Natural Zing had grown enough for Helen and Jeff to work there full time.

Helen continued to manage the marketing, accounting and various other duties of the growing business.  In 2012, Helen and Jeff wanted to bring these amazing foods to their local town and opened up a vegetarian café.  

Helen ran all aspects of the café and store introducing the wonders of raw vegan foods to the town.  She taught raw food prep workshops and classes.  Today, Helen continues to help Natural Zing and coach natural food and heart centered entrepreneurs launch and market their health and wellness businesses.


Maria Dormer, VP of Operations

Maria joined Natural Zing in 2006 and has been a Health Advocate, researching diets, health and wellness, and dietary supplements for over 30 years.

She is our in-house expert on our products and digs deep to find the best sources of the best organic superfoods from around the world.

Managing operations and our excellent customer care, Maria ensures that orders go out the same day and makes sure every call is returned.

Maria has been an artist for 20 years and fun fact - Natural Zing used her paintings for their early labels.