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Black Maca 8 oz


Black maca powder is a great alternative for everyone who does not yet use maca to improve their culinary treasures. It has a stronger taste then regular maca. This whole raw Premium black maca powder contains all of the plant spirit and constituents of the fresh black maca bulbs.

The Maca root has been used in Peru since before the times of the ancient Incans. The maca plant is similar to a radish or turnip and like a radish the skins can be yellow, red, purple or black.

A typical serving is usually taking 1 to 2 teaspoons and up to 2 Tablespoons per day depending on recipe. Try in smoothies, chocolates, crackers and breads. Black maca comes in various sizes, including 16 oz.

Maca is a vegetable root or tuber, related to the potato family, which grows ONLY in the high Andean plateaus of Peru at altitudes as high as 14,500 feet above sea level. Our maca is cultivated in the highlands of the Peruvian Andes. Maca is used by the locale as part of their daily diet.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Black Maca

NET WT: 8 oz