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Raw Dulse, Whole 16 oz- Out of Stock, 4oz on sale now!

Out Of Stock

This will be the best tasting dulse you've ever had. Raw Wildcrafted Whole Dulse, is a very popular sea vegetable - with a soft chewy texture, distinctive taste and a rich red color. This dulse is sundried naturally at very low temperature. Rich in vitamins and minerals, including iodine, iron, and potassium, dulse supports thyroid function, enhances energy levels, and promotes healthy blood pressure. Its high fiber content aids digestion, while antioxidants help reduce inflammation and protect against cellular damage. Additionally, dulse is a good source of plant-based protein and omega-3 fatty acids, contributing to heart and brain health.

Dried seaweed is a nutritional powerhouse.  Sea vegetables are known to contain most, if not all, of the 24 minerals and trace elements required for your body's physiological functions, some in quantities greatly exceeding those of land plants.  They contain significant levels of vitamins, including the B vitamins, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C.  Their protein content ranges from 10% to almost 40%, and they contain all or most of the essential amino acids required by humans.  They’re low in fat and high in fiber; two qualities that make them healthy for the heart.  Sea vegetables are one of the highest natural sources of dietary iodine, even when eaten in small quantities.

Ingredients:  Organic Dulse

Origin: Bay of Fundy

May contain some small shells.

Net Weight: 16 oz

Customer Reviews

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scott winchenbach (Friendship, US)
Bad bag

not the best you have sent but most of it edible,will still buy more hoping the quality gets better