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Peruvian Black Dried Olives (Salted, Pitted) 8 oz bag- Out of Stock, Try our 16oz and 5oz

Out Of Stock

These jumbo ripe raw Premium Botija olives (sometimes called "botilla" olives) from Peru have been dried at low temperatures (below 110 degrees fahrenheit), pitted and cured with sea salt. All the natural oil of the olive is intact, very juicy. This is a premium olive grown on the coastal desert plains of southern Peru. Ecologically cultivated, hand-picked & packed with extraordinary care. These delicious naturally cured Botija "botilla" olives will complement almost all of your culinary creations.


Peruvian Botija "botilla" Olives are great olives. Share some botija ("botilla") raw olives with your family and friends. Great for parties.


Net weight: 8 oz plastic bags

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ellen Dowd
Peruvian Black Dried Olives.

Years ago had gotten these from another company. I believe they are no longer in business. Was thrilled to find them at Natural Zing.Once you taste these there is no way that anything else compares. I like that there is nothing added other than salt. I am very selective as to what I eat and don’t eat. Ordered a bag of the herbed ones also this time. Haven’t opened the bag yet. I am imagining they will be addictive. This is my second order with the company. Very happy with order to delivery time table.

Rebecca O. (Herndon, US)
simply fabulous

These are the most unique and delicious olives I have ever tried. The texture is nothing like a canned olive, they are actually juicy. I started to crave these and quickly finished the bag. If you are an olive person, do not hesitate!