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Earth Day Smoothie Bowl

By :Jeffrey Rose 0 comments
Earth Day Smoothie Bowl

Recipe by Yasmin Saadi



  • STEP 1

    in a high speed powerful blender add the frozen bananas, pineapple, the coconut milk. Blend together for about one minute till smooth and creamy

  • STEP 2

    pour half of the smoothie in a separate bowl and add to it the blue Zura Greens powder, mix till it gets a dark blue color.  Pour in your bowl and put in the freezer while you prepare the other colors .

  • STEP 3

    the other half divide between three small bowls adding in one green spirulina, green matcha and leaving one with the ocean color

  • STEP 4

    Draw the Earth continents with a tooth stick using the green matcha smoothie and with another tooth stick draw the dark shades and with the ocean smoothie the shades of blue on the ocean surface as in the photo

  • STEP 5

    serve immediately and enjoy

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