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Functional Mushroom Market Will Grow at 9.1%

By :Helen Rose 0 comments
Functional Mushroom Market Will Grow at 9.1%
There has been increasing interest in functional mushrooms recently.  In a recent report by FMI, the global functional mushroom market is set to witness growth at a CAGR of 9.1%, reaching a valuation of US$ 22.3 Bn by 2032. 

There’s been a huge increase in both public and scientific interest in the powers of mushrooms,” Scott Kaiser, MD, director of cognitive health at the Brain Health Center at the Pacific Neuroscience Institute told MSN.

Why the Surge?

A number of scientific studies have confirmed the ability of functional mushrooms and mushroom-derived supplements to increase the effectiveness of both innate and adaptive immune systems, hence boosting growth.

Chaga, one of the most consumed functional mushrooms, is good for the digestive system and produces immune-modulatory effects. Furthermore, Chaga is expected to experience a huge demand over the forecast period. The market studied is expected to experience huge demand for Reishi and Cordyceps, followed by the other types of medicinal mushrooms.

"Rising awareness regarding the benefits of organic functional mushrooms, along with increasing interest and will drive sales in the market in the forthcoming years,” says an FMI analyst.

Buyers Next Steps

Natural food buyers will be expected to meet these demands by consumers with both convenient blends of mushroom powders in hot chocolate and drink mixes, as well as, provide single-source ingredients of mushroom powders for consumers who are highly educated and are seeking specific functional benefits.


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